Sunday, July 13, 2008


The Boards were Salt Lake's first "punk rock" band. Formed in 1978 (a year after D.C.'s Mind Power became the Bad Brains and L.A.'s Panic became Black Flag), The Boards' sound combined the hooks of '60s garage rock with the grit of '70s proto-punk.

Despite numerous line-up changes and a penchant for getting drunk and stealing hot rod engines, the band played shows locally and nationally until 1984.

Basement recordings of The Boards survived in the trunk of singer Monroe's car for 25 years.

In 2003, Soundco Records released these tracks as a full-length titled, "Too Loud for the Silver Cloud." You can hear "I'm a Wreck" and "What the Fuck" at the band's MySpace Tribute Page.

The Boards' guitarist and bassist, brothers Steve and Denny Morrison, currently play in the bluesy rock band, The New Evils.

Below is an 8mm clip of The Boards playing The Roxy circa '80.


joshlambert said...

you should do something on the stench next

Dan Fletcher said...

That's actually the next band on our list. Thanks for the support.

skervrok said...

first of thank you troy!!!!!!!! i was wondering if anyone might have the search 7" and also thank you slchc for being such a important part of my life.

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