Wednesday, July 9, 2008


"To always walk proud and STAY DRUG FREE!"

Insight was Salt Lake's first straightedge hardcore band. Their passionate lyrics on clean living and animal rights set the stage for Salt Lake's infamously outspoken hardcore scene.

Insight formed in 1988 and just a year later signed with Arizona-based SoulForce Records to release the Standing Strong 7". Shortly after their signing was announced, the band headlined the "Salt Lake Youth Pride Show" at The Word, featuring Bad Yodelers, Better Way, Head Strong, Right Side Up, and Starving Artists. To support the record, they set out on their first east coast tour alongside California's Chain of Strength. The two teamed up with Judge and Gorilla Biscuits for a number of dates as well. 

Standing Strong's
New York crossover sound and drug-free convictions placed Insight comfortably on bills across the country with contemporaries from Youth of Today to Insted.  The Youth Crew scene embraced Insight and in 1990, Victory Records re-released Standing Strong with the new title What Will It Take and the now-iconic, caged tiger cover art.

Insight tracks also appeared on Victory's Only the Strong and Victory Singles: Volume 1 compilations as well as the classic Voice of Thousands comp which featured early material from Integrity and Outspoken. The band went its separate ways at the turn of the decade.

During Insight's existence guitarist Jeremy Chatelain and bassist Doug Wright also played in the band Brainstorm with Gentry of Better Way. Various members also played in fellow late-80s Salt Lake straight edge band Head Strong (if you know which ones, fill us in!).

Wright went on to Salt Lake's Iceburn and Makeshift. He now plays with up-and-coming, New York City rock band The Dirty Pearls. Guitarist Jeremy Chatelain went on to play with Lumberjack, Iceburn, Handsome (alongside Tom Capone of Bold & Quicksand), Jets to Brazil (alongside Blake of Jawbreaker) and Helmet. He is currently doing a country-pop project called Cub Country. Drummer Chad "Chubba" Smith went also moved on to Iceburn. Singer Mark Starr moved to Seattle after the band's demise and released 3 records with his next project, The Gimmicks. He then head south to L.A. where he played with The Masons and Sweet Evil.

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