Friday, November 28, 2008


Iceburn was born of Salt Lake's early straight edge hardcore scene but ventured into the deepest realms of jazz, metal, classical and avant-garde experimentation during its decade-plus existence.

The band's first line-up was an amalgam of late 80s hardcore bands Insight, Better Way, and Brainstorm. In 1990, Insight and Brainstorm played their final show together to a packed Speedway Cafe. Iceburn quickly formed in their wake, featuring Gentry Densley (Better Way, Brainstorm) on guitar, Jeremy Chatelain (Insight, Brainstorm) on vocals,  Doug Wright (Insight, Brainstorm) on bass, Chad "Chubba" Smith (Insight) on drums and James Holder (Insight) on guitar.

With this crew, Iceburn released the Burn / Fall 7" through Victory Records in 1991. Shortly after the record's release, frontman Jeremy Chatelain left the band to pursue other projects: Lumberjack, Handsome, Jets to Brazil, Cub Country... this list will undoubtedly go on. Guitarist James Holder also left the band.

Iceburn decided to move forward as a three-piece. Their next album, Firon (also on Victory), was released in 1992 and led to a record deal with another hardcore history maker, Revelation Records.

The four-track, double-LP Hephestus was released on Rev in 1994 (right there between Into Another's Creepy Eepy and the Underdog Demos). Iceburn would release an E.P., a split with Engine Kid and the album Poetry of Fire in 1995.

Ninety-six saw the band releasing Meditavolutions under its new moniker, The Iceburn Collective. Journeying deeper into experimental galaxies, 98's Power of the Lion was rumored to be inspired by quantum mechanics and was meant to be played as a musical collage.

The new millenium saw the Collective reaching ever further into avant-territory with 2000's Polar Bear Suit, which featured 2 upright basses, bass clarinet and bassoon, and 2002's mini-album Land of Wind and Ghosts.

In 2001, the band recorded a few songs meant to be released in a Southern Lord Records 7" series. The deal didn't work out but 2006 saw the songs released as a split with Italian band Zu. It was put out in Italy as a limited 500-copy 10" split. This would be Iceburn's final release.

Iceburn reunited for a few shows in 2007 but have not announced plans of future recordings or performances.

These days you can find Densley playing across the nation in the duo Eagle Twin with Tyler Smith (ex-Clear) on drums He also recently released an album with Greg Anderson of Engine Kid/Sunn O)))/Goatsnake under the name, Ascend. Doug Wright went on to play with Salt Lake's Makeshift. He now plays with up-and-coming New York City rock band, The Dirty Pearls.

Iceburn performing their version of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" at their '07 Reunion Show.


Troy Till Death said...

Awesome! I love Iceburn, but the Burn/Fall 7" on VICTORY records was their debut. and Firon was on Victory records also which came out later with different versions of the songs burn/fall from the 7".

i wish i could post pictures, i have a Test Pressing for the Burn/Fall 7" with a different cover.... and some photos from the Firon Tour.

i think there should be a "101" on flatline records! which hosted bands like
The Stench, Brainstorm, Search, Reality, Waterfront, the Decomposers and a few others.


shonxmurdock said...

still no 101 on lifeless...huh?

shonxmurdock said...

one on triphammer would be nice

Dan said...

Thanks Troy! Updated.

Chronological order Shon. We can't get crazy.

trevor said...

Southern Lord is re-pressing some Iceburn stuff on Vinyl, but I can't remember what. Search for Iceburn up at the top of the site and you'll find it. I got info from Gentry a while back, but it's slipped my mind since.

Ascend, if you haven't heard it, is awesome. Super heavy and dark. Andy Patterson plays drums and Kim Thayill from Soundgarden even played a few solos on it.

spenserprufrock said...

Don't forget Bubba Dupree from Void also plays on the Ascend disc, the Condensed Flesh 7" is amazing.

shonxmurdock said...

sorry dan. sometimes i get a little excited.

cant wait for this saturday either.

Greg said...

Here is a video from one of the 2007 reunion shows. Enjoy!

skervrok said...

AMEN Troy!! thanks to BRAD COLLINS for what we have!! without him. who knows what SLC would have ever been? i still have copies of his radio show behind the ZION curtain! so with that i couldn't agree more, i don't think a lot of us understand just what we had, and still have today!!! The Godfather of SLHC/PUNK BRAD COLLINS, RAUNCH, FLATLINE records!