Monday, February 9, 2009


Climb began crafting its brutally-heavy hardcore sound in the mid-nineties -- an era when brutally-heavy hardcore in Salt Lake City was the exclusive domain of outspoken straightedge bands. Only problem, Climb liked to party and they weren't sure how that  fact would go over with the city's predominantly sober scene.

This did not deter a local straightedge kid from knocking on Climb's door at the now-historic practice space Downtown Music and asking them to play a show with his band Clear.

"We had heard many rumors at the time about crazy shit that went on in that scene but we were all about getting the music out. Plus if the rumors were true, we had all taken a beating at least a couple of times in our lives... so we did it," recounts Climb frontman Jimmy Scott.

The band's first show alongside Clear also featured Salt Lake's Lifeless and legendary Long Island act Vision of Disorder! Climb's brutal combination of traditional New York Hardcore and heavy, heavy metal was instantly accepted by Salt Lake and the band went on to play dozens of Salt Lake Hardcore shows over the following 3 years.

Climb released its first full-length, Live in the Now, in 1997. The album's heavy breakdowns and hate-fueled lyrics fit perfectly into Salt Lake's heavily-metal influenced scene.Around the time of this release, Jimmy approached the Tower Theatre about putting on hardcore shows and an important era in Salt Lake hardcore began. The venue would play host to legendary acts from Agnostic Front to Hatebreed to Today is the Day during the late '90s.

In 1998, Climb planned to release its second album, Reborn, through Salt Lake-based label, Life Sentence Records. For reasons still unknown to the band, it never saw the light of day. Climb broke up soon after.

The band recently posted the album, Reborn, on their MySpace page, where it can be previewed and purchased. Imagine every aspect of Live in the Now turned up to 11 -- vocals more demonic, guitars more metallic, breakdowns heavier and lyrics harder.

Rumors of a Climb reunion began to circulate at the beginning of 2009, but nothing has been confirmed.


xBigDoggx said...

You should have titled that "I Will Fuck you Harder Than You Fuck Me:The Story of Pre-Juggalo Juggalos.

xbrooklynx said...

Learn something kids... Climb was the best slc band ever. better than clear better than lifeless... yeah i said it!

Troy Till Death said...

worst comment ever!

mikeXreflect said...

2nd that troy. worst comment ever.

xbrooklynx said...

fuck you dick swing mike.

JimmyScott said...

The comment about juggalos was the gayest thing I read on here. For all you dudes that have wanted to see a reunion. We are doing it one time only. Only problem is it's 21 and over. The cool thing is, it's with Agnostic Front. September 13th at Burt's 726 S State st. We go on exactly at 8:30 so be there early. This is the only time we are doing it.