Monday, December 7, 2009


Better Way, with the help of close-friends Insight, drafted the Utah chapter of the Youth Crew history book.  During the late '80s, the band churned out sing-along inspiring anthems, while sharing the stages of The Word and The Speedway with the likes of Insted, Slapshot and Gorilla Biscuits.

A Path to Take, the band's 1989 self-released demo, boasts strong influence from the New York Hardcore scene and some of the greatest lyrics on overcoming personal hardship this side of Break Down the Walls. (Makes sense that Ray and Porcell are mentioned in the record's thank you list.)

One thing that set A Path to Take apart from the Youth Crew crowd was its brief forays into groovy, guitar experimentation (See: The last 30 seconds of "The Fight.") These hints of technicality came to make perfect sense as guitarist Gentry Densley went on to guide Iceburn through 15 years of sonic exploration. The band threw in the towel shortly after the release of A Path to Take.

Better Way's vocalist Dustin worked at Raunch back in the day and ran his own short-lived shop on 21st South called "Rock City." Gentry Densley continues to push the limits of heavy music with Eagle Twin and Ascend. Guitarist Randy also played with local rock band Dinosaur Bones. Various members also played in fellow late-80s Salt Lake straightedge band Head Strong (if you know which ones, fill us in!).

Download Better Way's A Path To Take in our Salt Lake Hardcore Music Archive.


shonxmurdock said...

Oh yeah, I remember this band. I saw them back in the day.

CanoChicano said...

Don't forget to credit Rick Egan for the photo's your using. If you need to know which ones they are contact me at Great site.

skervrok said...

to me betterXway, will always be one of the best SLHC bands! its a shame that they never got the recognition they deserved! but amazing bands came out, Of them & INSIGHT! i feel blessed to have come up in such a AMAZING scene!! amazing local acts, would sell out shows by themselves! This is OUR SCENE! and we are the only ones who can mend things when they fall apart! I will forever LOVE SLHC!! to me its home! My scene, My Music!! VIVA LA SLHC!!!!!