Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In early May of 2001, Cherem got together in an unfinished basement to try their hand at the recording. We only had a 4-track CD recorder, a few microphones and a very little knowledge. But we were able to capture the four songs that we were most proud of as a band (sadly, "Die at 55" did not fall into that category) and the result was the Vegan Power demo that was only released in limited quantity at Cherem shows the following summer.

Two of the four songs eventually ended up on In the Land of the Dead and We Are the Revolution ("Slit Wrist of Humanity" and "As the Truth Unfolds" respectively) and the lyrics for another were used elsewhere ("Eyes Sewn Shut"), there was a fourth song that never lived beyond the demo (called "Green Rage").

If you're interested in hearing what the early days of Cherem sounded like (when Thom Green of Sleeping Giant played drums) then check out the demo. The recording quality is terrible, but that's what basement demo's are for.



xjustinx said...

I remember playing a show in SLC at an indoor skatepark in '01 that Cherem played a surprise set on with that old drummer. Some band with 3 guitar players played the show as well. I want to say their name was The Wake. What happened to them?

trevor said...

That band changed their name to Compilate—a damn fine band. They played a bit longer, self-released a cd then called it quits. Two of the guys from that band play in Bird Eater now.