Thursday, January 28, 2010

HOWARD ZINN: 1922 - 2010

Howard Zinn was a huge influence on many people throughout the world and, more specifically, a lot of people in the Salt Lake Hardcore scene.

Zinn was best known for writing The People's History of the United States, which looks at the events of American History from the present perspective. It has been adopted as required reading among some high schools and colleges throughout the United States and was most recently updated in 2003. The book is highly regarded among many involved in the punk/hardcore scene, including Propagandhi, Verse and NOFX. Even The Boss, Bruce Springsteen sites it as a personal favorite.

The book is highly recommended, so if anyone is looking for a new book to read, everyone here at GCA suggests that you head out and pick it up.

Zinn will be missed.


JesusPresley said...

Should be required reading in evry school.

JesusPresley said...

amendment: every

xjoe jacksonx said...

that is a bummer

Dan Fletcher said...

Bummer. One of the few intellectuals whose actions really backed up their words. From the Civil Rights Movement to Vietnam and on... Bummer.

Casey said...

should be ashamed of himself for trashing Columbus's reputation. Im personally glad he's gone.