Friday, January 15, 2010


Better known in the hardcore scene as "Foeknawledge," Aaron Husaker's endeavors in hip-hop turned a lot of kids onto "hardcore" concepts like political awareness, animals rights, and drug-free living during the early 2000s.

After a long hiatus, Foekus jumped back on the mic last October to celebrate the Eleventh Street Electric Gallery's 3rd Anniversary. But with the man's busy schedule as a full-time father, yoga instructor and counselor to SLC youth, no one's sure if it'll happen again. Cross your fingers...

How were you introduced to the Salt Lake Hardcore scene?

I met some straight edge homies around town. I had just gotten out of jail and was over using drugs and drinking. These cats were cool and liked to play c-lo. We started chillin then they started dragging me to shows. I grew up on punk rock but had no experince with the more contemporary hardcore movement. I went to one show and was hooked.

Memorable SLHC moments?

Foekus and Cherem! It all started as a joke and the shit was way fun. Watching people get really wild while I was on stage was dope.

Favorite SLHC bands?

I like Reflect because they covered a 108 song. Mostly old bands though like Bad Yodelers and Season of the Spring. Cool Your Jets was pretty tight too...I don't know, lots of shit I guess.

How has the Salt Lake Hardcore scene impacted your life?

Well, I was an emcee who got into the vegan/straight edge, so I took a lot of social and political influence from hardcore that just straight up made me a better person. Plus all my best homies I ever had came out of the hardcore scene.

What are your thoughts on the state of hardcore and its future?

I don't really listen to a whole lot of new shit but if the band covers a 108 song or some shit, I will be stage dives and high fives all day. I like some of the new bands but I am more into the old sound. i have nothing to say really though, as long as people are having fun.

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