Friday, January 8, 2010


Brook Lund fronted some of Salt Lake's favorite/most-infamous hardcore acts: Dead Last, Carcano 6.5, Aftermath of a Trainwreck/Victims and the mighty Moshalicious. He handled vocal duties for Cherem on a tour that Billy couldn't make it out on, and most recently he played bass in the band City to City. He's also the proud proprietor of downtown Salt Lake's popular Este Pizzeria.

How were you introduced to the Salt Lake Hardcore scene?

I had been in to punk and HC since i was 11 or 12 from skate boarding videos, and Thrasher magazines. But I had never been to a true Hardcore show until i was probably 15 or 16. Then in the fall of 1998 Casey and Matt Whalie started bringing me around to shows on the regular. Sort of a weird time for shows in slc, great bands though. Seeing a show with Triphammer, Climb, Clear, and Lazarus Project about every other weekend.

Memorable SLHC moments?

There are so many good memories. There have been so many tours that at the time i felt like i was in sheer hell but looking back was amazing. Thinking back about any Cherem/Aftermath tour always makes me laugh.
Probably my best memory though was when about 30 of us went to 2001 Hellfest in NY.

Favorite Salt Lake Hardcore band? 

My most favorite band that has come from slc has to be Triphammer. I really enjoyed Climb too. I really have to give it to Reflect too. I dont think ive been as stoked on a local band since the days of Triphammer/Clear/ Climb.

How has the Salt Lake Hardcore scene impacted your life?

Just about everyone of my closest friends I have met though the HC scene. Everybody always talks about the violence of the SLCHC scene but they never talk about the true brotherhood. I truly believe if youve been shunned from this scene its something YOU did. Everybody i have met has never been anything but super sincere with me.

What are your thoughts on the state of Hardcore and its future?

Ive got one more year before Im allowed to be fully jaded, but really the current state of hardcore makes me sick. The level of insincerity is overwhelming. It may have always been this way and i am just now realizing it. The biggest thing is I think everybody needs to realize this is for fun, stop taking it so fucking serious! Its not a job. Its not a way to make money, its not a way to be famous. I look around at shows and see so many kids with such serious faces. SMILE HAVE A GOOD TIME!


staramp said...

WOW- what a great way to showcase a distinguished gentleman.

xdelegatex801 said...

im really glad you said something about people taking shit so serious.

Joe said...

Agreed, people need to smile and have fun, acknowledge the fact that they actually like being involved.