Friday, January 1, 2010


I remember seeing Matt slinging a video camera at some of the first hardcore shows I went to. I remember thinking, "I wonder if that little, little kid's parents know where he's at at such an ungodly hour." Something like a decade later, Matt's still breaking curfew. He started playing music with Grace from Gallows/The Masses. Moved onto a guitar spot in Aftermath of a Trainwreck. Guest spotted on a Cherem tour. Then formed Cool Your Jets and Murdock/Challenger. And today he fronts Reviver -- one of the most hardworking bands to ever come out of Salt Lake. Thanks Matt's parents.

How were you introduced to Salt Lake Hardcore?

I was introduced to Vision Of Disorder's self-titled record and was really into it. I started looking for new music that was comparable and somehow came across the Burn the Rat website. A few friends and I decided to go check out a show and kept going after that.

Memorable SLHC shows?

Shows at Albee Square in general. The one that sticks out the most was when Stretch Arm Strong played there. There weren't many people there but it was a great time nonetheless. Another show that comes to mind was when Unearth played at Uprok, well, the coffee shop that was next to Uprok.

Who are your favorite SLHC bands?

My favorite bands to come out this state are Form of Rocket, Parallax, and Pushing Up Daisies. Form of Rocket is a given. Parallax were amazing musicians. They also had a great message and opened me up to a lot of new social topics/problems. I saw Pushing up Daisies at the first show I went to and was really into it. I didn't get to see them again for a good three years or so.

How has the hardcore scene impacted your life?

The hardcore scene was inspiring in a sense that the kids were responsible for everything. It was a underground community/network for kids that saw the many problems going on that and wanted to change things for the better, such as A New Dawn Breaking. ANDB introduced me to veganism.

What are your thoughts on the state of hardcore and its future?

The potential is there, just as it always has been, its just a matter of kids taking advantage of it. That aspect of it has been proven to be unpredictable. Its always up and down. Either way, I have high hopes for the future.

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