Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You can't mention hardcore from the beginning of the 2000s without bringing up Albee Square. Just yesterday, a close friend of mine took a Facebook poll that asked him how he and I met and his answer was, "Probably at a show at Albee."  Blake and Scott brought in so many great bands (Integrity, Ringworm, Amendment 18... the list could go on for days) and there was always a sense that the venue was alive for all the right reasons. Salt Lake bands like Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Cherem, and Skeiff d' Bargg played some of their most historic shows in that big, lofty space.

The Vortex came in second. This makes a lot of sense since The Vortex was very much the Albee Square of the second half of the 2000s. Blake and Sias brought dozens and dozens of great bands and made just as many memories for locals. Salt Lake acts like Tamerlane, Up River, Cool Your Jets, Shutout, XReflectX, and City to City really got their start in that, once again, big, lofty space. And  the new generation of Ogden Hardcore bands journeyed south for the first times to play shows there. 

Thankfully, everyone remembers the Junction(s) in the correct light and chose not to vote for them. (Though there were some amazing shows at those places... Bad Luck 13?)

Here's the Top 3:

Albee Square - 31 (29%)
Vortex - 21 (20%)
DV8 - 18 (17%)

What are your thoughts?


trevor said...

As much as I loved the spirit of Albee, DV8 will always be the most memorable for me.

After all, that's where the first Rhythm & Rhymes show was.

Dan said...

Special Guest played its first show (my first show ever) at the American Fork Veteran's Hall and for the same reasons, it'll always top my list.

xjoe jacksonx said...

you forgot to mention bobby falling out the window at albee

slivextruee said...

All I have to say is D.R.I. at DV8. Shit was crayzay

spenserprufrock said...

I wish I could see D.R.I.

Pete said...

Well... very glad to hear that we made a little history..

Pete Hansen.. founder of Albee Square