Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A team of scientists from Texas Tech University says that the more tattoos you have, the more likely you are to indulge in deviant behavior. Surprising, isn't it?

Dscriber.com -- Results indicate that respondents with four or more tattoos, seven or more body piercings, or piercings located in their nipples or genitals, were substantively and significantly more likely to report regular marijuana use, occasional use of other illegal drugs, and a history of being arrested for a crime," according to the research. "Less pronounced, but still significant in many cases, was an increased propensity for those with higher incidence of body art to cheat on college work, binge drink, and report having had multiple sex partners in the course of their lifetime."

Scientists surveyed 1,753 students from four American colleges — two state-supported public schools and two highly selective religious institutions — finding 37 percent reported at least one piercing and 14 percent were tattooed. Four percent reported having seven or more piercings, four or more tattoos, and/or at least one piercing in their nipples or genitals. Aside from their use of the body as a canvas, the students were asked about various aspects of their behavior, including drug and alcohol use, sexual activity and whether they cheat on tests.

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Big Mike said...

"those with higher incidence of body art report having had multiple sex partners in the course of their lifetime."

Has anyone on earth had one sexual partner throughout the course of their lifetime? It's 2010 right???

xbrooklynx said...

Hmm so the more tattoos you have the more girls you bang??

Ok well i guess ill start gettin tattooed again.

Sam said...

I don't have a single tattoo and I'm criminal as hell. These studies are wrong.

xbrooklynx said...

and you bang hella girls!!!

or are we keeping that on the DL?

Sam said...

I plead the fifth.