Thursday, January 28, 2010

TONIGHT IN SLC: 01/28/2010

Snoop Dogg @ Harry O's
Snoop might not be the same guy he was back when Gin & Juice was all the rage, but he still puts on an entertaining show. Probably the last big show of the Sundance madness, so head on up to Park City if you want to. More Info.

Frozen @ Tower Theatre
One of the films that's been getting a lot of buzz around the festival is Frozen, the story of three friends stranded on a ski lift after the resort has closed for the evening. It's a locally-shot film and supposedly one of the better films of the festival. But, since all the tickets are sold out, it is wait list only. The good thing is that it's already been picked up, so you could just wait for it to be widely released on February 5. More Info.

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