Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Here's the scoop: Bemis claimed that Gilbert (Shai Hulud, New Found Glory) wrote a song for his new solo project, What's Eating Gilbert, about how his ex-girlfriend/Bemis' current wife, didn't like hardcore music or his friends from the hardcore scene:
I tried to take her out to hang with the people I know and she never ever wanted to go. Not in a sweet sort of timid sort of way, more a judgemental sort of stuck up sort of way. She said I don’t understand what you see in them. I said you don’t gotta be a saint to be my friend. Some are pop stars some have stolen cars and I’d still pick any of them over you."

Bemis resonded via Twitter:
today i heard the worst new music i've heard since vanilla ice attempted to make rock music. don't quit your day job, dude.
He then apologized via
Today I posted a (clearly ineffectively) ambiguous jab at Chad Gilbert's solo offerings. (Chad posted a few new songs on a website today). Stupid? Shallow? Transparent? Yup. That was me pulling a douche card. I apologize for that
Then Gilbert explained that the song was about many women who treated him that way in the past:
I wrote a song about past LoveSSSSSS.
GCA's take? Hit him Bemis. He's talking about your wife! But prepare to get the shit kicked out of you.


Big Mike said...

I'll be the first to admit I am an NFG fan, and I was stoked to see that dude was trying his hand at some solo shit... But I also have to say that we've just now crossed over into the celebrity gossip/drama world here. By further conveying this news to the local masses you're perpetuating the idea that in some way bullshit he said she said drama is journalism. Which is in my opinion what is wrong with 75% of what I see on the newsstands today. I think any real hardcore kid should have for more interesting shit to concern themselves with than these two fruits beefing over some bitch. Just my two cents, not a stab at anyone in particular, nobody get offended... this isn't the first or last time I will say something overtly abrasive on this site.

Dan Fletcher said...

Fuck you Mike. I work as a serious journalist from 9-to-5. If I can't joke about "two fruits beefing" on my time off, than this isn't the goddamn U.S. of A. that I signed up for.

I love you Mike. Lighten up.

Big Mike said...

I was really not trying to make a personal attack here Dan. It's your site, you're allowed to put up whatever you want. When I said kids should have more to concern themselves with I meant the viewers of this site not the contributors. I make more jokes than anyone you've ever met so I don't feel like I need to lighten up. I'm just on the polar opposite end of appreciation for anybody I don't know concerning their personal drama. This being alleged "punk news" I feel speaks volumes about the state of hardcore today. I expect this type of thing in US weekly, not on a site run by reputable hardcore kids. But once again, it's yours to do with what you wish. I'm not mad at you and I'm sorry I pissed you off, not my intent. I'm sure it would have come across differently in real life. But we don't have that luxury.

Dan Fletcher said...

If our content were an issue of US Weekly, it'd have 2000 articles on Salt Lake Hardcore, 1000 articles on national hardcore, and 40-or-so articles on humorous stories related to hardcore, plus two free ads for our friends' websites. I don't think it'd be a best-seller.

The song in question is about a girl who didn't understand hardcore music and hated her boyfriend's friends from the hardcore scene.

The post makes light of this ridiculous situation. It made me laugh because I've been that guy. And you're the friends that girlfriends didn't understand!

The 30 seconds I laughed about this, the 5 minutes it took to write it up, and the minute it'll take people to read it, laugh, and move on, say nothing about the focus of today's hardcore scene or a change in outlook of "reputable hardcore kids."

In real life, I would have told you that story, we would have laughed about girls being scared of our friends, and we would move on to talking about how our friends landed a cool tour, some good new straightedge band from Chicago, and Mike T's new band playing their first show... just as the site shows.

We can choose to promote Salt Lake Hardcore and help out our friends, or we can continue to criticize each other by being "overtly abrasive" without good reason.