Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow, what a slow couple of days.

We looked over all the comments from the What Do You Want To See? post a couple of weeks back and there were a lot of good ones. Thanks for those.

We've been doing a little behind-the-scenes work and a lot of those ideas were brought up and expanded upon.

The Salt Lake Hardcore 101's (over there to the right) will be on an extended hiatus as we wait to hear back from people involved in the bands. I want to make them as awesome and informative as possible and have interviews in to a lot of people. Once we get a few responses, we'll start back up again with 101's on Triphammer, Clear, Pushing Up Daisies, Tempered, Lyndal Control, Deadfall, 78 Days After Death and as many more as we can.

One Voice will also be taking a little hiatus as we wait to hear back from more people. We sent the questions out to another round of people a few weeks ago and still haven't heard back from some of the people we contacted the first time. Those are coming, though. Unfortunately, that column is at the mercy of the availability and dedication of others. We just have to play the waiting game.

Essential Listening fell off a little the past couple of weeks, but we have no excuse for why. We'll have that back up and running this week. Meanwhile, you can click the Essential Listening link to see if there's anything you missed.

I'm working on setting up interviews with a lot of current local bands and hope to feature video interviews with them once or twice a month. Look for that to start up fairly soon. I'm hoping to get three recorded this week and edited, published and posted within the next little bit.

But thanks for reading and checking the site everyone. And thanks for the comments, too.

And go to the show tomorrow night in Ogden.


gbarker said...

lockstep cancelled. i guess they all went to jail in some other state haha. damn :(

spenserprufrock said...

Lockstep made to Salt Lake, they will play.