Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Cable's Northern Failures was released through Hydra Head Records back in 2000, but never got a proper vinyl release.

Until now, that is.

Recently formed label, No World Order Records has acquired the rights and has a vinyl release planned for April of this year. The first pressing will be limited to 340 on black, with all covers made of heavy duty canvas, hand printed and hand sewn.

Salt Lake native Coty Densley has been living in New York the past few years trying to get a vinyl-only label off the ground and finally got it up an running. There are more releases planned for 2010, but he's keeping the bands under wraps until all the details are nailed down. He did mention that "One of which every Salt Lake kid would be into. Like Integrity/Ringworm but darker and more pissed."

To help promote the record, Cable will be playing a one-off show in Brooklyn on April 16 at Union Pool. You'll be able to get the record in person as well as a live audio recording of the show.

If you're still in Salt Lake (or anywhere else besides Brooklyn) you can pre-order the record from the website.

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