Thursday, February 18, 2010


(*We missed the SLHC Archive post again yesterday. Sorry*)

Just about the time that Clear and Triphammer were ending their runs at the top of the Salt Lake Hardcore scene and before bands like 78 Days After Death or Compilate began turning heads, The Lazarus Project sat alone as the best-known band in Salt Lake.

Made up of prior members of both Climb and the aforementioned Triphammer, their shows were the stuff that late-90s hardcore shows were known for—chaos, excitement and a whole lot of fun (the most memorable was probably at the American Fork VFW with Clear and Undying, which if anyone has video of that, we'd love to see).

They were poised to be the next big thing out of Salt Lake when the All Shall Be Infected demo started making the rounds. They played a number of west coast shows and eventually released an 8-song EP for Breakout Records called There Is No Cure. It was a well received batch of songs that were the epitome of the bruising sound Salt Lake had become known for throughout the 90s.

The band broke up shortly after its release and never quite lived up to the promise they showed—which is, sadly, the case for most bands from this city.

The Lazarus Project - There Is No Cure


Casey said...

Worst lyrics of all time but fun fun shows. i have a vhs video of that show that brook took. unfortunately its in a box somewhere in my garage. but when i find it we will get it up.

Megatron said...

i have a video of their last show.
definitely a VERY VERY VERY over-rated band.
i don't know who ever said that the lazarus project "sat alone as the best-known band".... maybe al vaz said that, but he doesn't count.
the only thing i really remember about people "getting into" about that band was that hideous 801 song, that people just liked for the sing along/break down... it wasn't because people were super into that band....nobody actually liked that song..., everybody just liked to dance.

why was the American Fork VFW show so memorable? i was at that show, but all i remember about that night was Undying and how Timothy Roy (i think that's his name?) broke through the stage.....(was that the same show?)


trevor said...

I wrote that they "sat alone as the best-known band" and chose the words "best-known" very carefully. I did not say they were the best band, but at that time (because Clear and Triphammer were calling it quits and the next group of bands hadn't really started yet) they were pretty much the only local hardcore band around that wasn't Emerge From Darkness.

And I remember that American Fork show, too. I remember tons of people wearing masks getting crazy for Lazarus Project and a whole lot of those same people sitting outside for Undying (I watched him break the stage too, which I would have mentioned but this wasn't a post about Undying) and then even more people leaving as Clear was setting up.

And yes, people got into that band because it was full of cheesy breakdowns and silly lyrics. But people still got into them.

They may have been over-rated, I won't disagree with you there, but people still went to Lazarus Project shows because they knew they could mosh super hard. And that's exactly what they did.

Erik said...

Thanks for posting the link to the download, my original was stolen and I haven't heard this for 10 years, great to have it again. Does anyone have the info about where this album was recorded, by who, etc? I like the production quality.