Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When Pushing Up Daisies played their first show in the basement of Wagstaff Music in the early 2000s, no one knew quite what to expect. The majority of members had spent the last few years playing fast, old-school hardcore in bands like Tempered and Breakaway. As they set up with their equipment, myriad of effects pedals and a keyboard next to the drummers hi-hat stand, people knew they were in for something a little different.

Their eclectic style and tremendous virtuosity immediately set them apart from the other local bands at the time. Pushing Up Daisies brought a whole new level of talent to the Salt Lake hardcore scene and it was captured perfectly on their only EP, that was never officially titled, but often referred to as Gunslinger.

However, that EP almost never saw the light of day. Pushing Up Daisies took a long hiatus when Tim, their original guitarist, left for a mission and the drummer Nick left the band around the same time. With no drummer no guitarist and no future planned, it seemed silly for the band to invest money in a CD that they'd be in no way able to promote. Luckily, a few long months after that, Compilate was about to call it a day, freeing up Kel to take over drumming duties for Pushing Up Daisies. The band soon found a replacement guitarist and set out to play again.

The resulting EP is one of the best CD's a local band has ever put out. Chock full of sections that range from beautifully rhythmic to downright brutal, the Gunslinger EP is only 5 tracks deep, but nearly 40 minutes of great Salt Lake City hardcore.

Look for a SLHC 101 on both Pushing Up Daisies and Tempered in the (hopefully) near future. Until then, download the Gunslinger EP if you haven't already and marvel in its greatness.



Sam said...

Band ruled. I want to hear the unreleased shit.

Erik said...

Tim (guitar) and Nick (drums) currently have a two-man band, Palace of Buddies. It's experimental/indie rock-ish. They have some cool live performance vids on YouTube.