Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Indie rock sensations Vampire Weekend are arguably one of the biggest bands around right now. The band recently released the new album Contra and have been hitting the media circuit pretty hard promoting it.

They visited the BBC earlier this week to record a few tracks for a radio show and in a surprising turn, they busted out a cover version of Rancid's "Ruby Soho."

You can click here to listen to it.

I still think the original is way better.


spenserprufrock said...

The lead singer of this band covered Blitz's "Someones Gonna Die Tonight" during Fucked Up's 24-hr show. Pretty rad. (They alos cover Descendents, but who cares, BLITZ!)

Juan Pedro said...

Im going to go ahead and say thats bad ass!

Nemecio said...

This cover sucks, it had no emotion and way too much reverb on the voice, but i love the original