Friday, February 26, 2010


Joe and Jaromy of xDelegatex took a few minutes to talk to me after their show in Ogden the other night. We didn't cover a whole lot of ground and I'm still getting the hang of filming and talking, but keep an eye out for more of these in the future.

Also, I have video of every band from this show, and there will be a late "Morning After" coming sometime this weekend.

Until then, enjoy this...


Juan Pedro said...

Delegate: dudes that hate everything but want to see a bunch of positive things happen!

something we wont expect? like a verse cover?

thanks for the shout out Joe :)

Megatron said...

you know i love you man. but fuck.
not to be a dick, but this is what's wrong with hardcore now days.

you claim that your band is all about "hate" and how "God doesn't exist" or whatever, and you had the perfect opportunity to explain why and how.

i watched the "interview" hoping to see what the fuck it is that makes somebody start a band based on "hate" but you gave no answers.

don't get me wrong, i don't think every band should be on some crusade to change the state of the world or even their own little community, but what the fuck?

i know you aren't a mindless zombie walking around following the herd to the next local hardcore show. but the so-called interview makes you look that way.

i want to know why you are a band based on "hate", i could care less about the God thing, you know how i feel about that.
i think the myspace deal with 666 in it is ridiculous for somebody who claims that God doesn't exist, to me it's like saying a grocery store doesn't exist but having a receipt from said grocery store, but that's just me.

again, i'm not trying to be a dick, but as a friend man i want to know what makes the band "tick".
if it's based on hate, what is it that you hate?

i'm just bummed, because i know you're a thinker and a smart kid....err excuse me, old man. i was just hoping for something more out of this, that would get kids thinking more about the shit that matters and less about X'ing up and moshing hard.


shonxmurdock said...

here you go troy...

that pretty much sums it up. although it is pretty ironic.