Monday, March 22, 2010


EDIT - A statement from vocalist Rob Fish can be found here and one from Vic here.

108 confirmed earlier today that they have indeed thrown in the towel. Last night, the band made a post on their Facebook page that read simply "108 has died" and later on "their [sic] MIGHT be a 'bye-bye' show sometime. That will be it."

Unfortunate news since Deathwish was set to release (and still will, most likely) the new record, 18.61, on April 13. The band had planned to do a few small tours in support of the record, but obviously that's off the table now.

This is the second time the band has broken up. They reunited around 2005 and released the album A New Beat From A Dead Heart in 2007 and toured sporadically after that. 18.61 has, reportedly, been finished for nearly a year but Deathwish only recently added it to the release schedule.

GCA was supposed to interview either Vic or Rob prior to the release of 18.61, and we're waiting to hear back on whether or not that will go through. Hopefully it's still in the cards.

But for now, Rob Fish has a new project called Eshas (which we featured a bit ago) that will hopefully keep him busy and there's always a chance 108 could make another return sometime in the future—in one form or another.

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