Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Deathwish Inc. recently linked to new tracks from Starkweather and 108, both of whom have new albums coming out soon on the label.

108's track, "18.61," which is also the title of the new LP, is available exclusively through Brooklyn Vegan. The album will be available on 4/13 and hopefully this will tide you over until then.

This Sheltering Night, Starkweather's latest, still doesn't have an official release date and most are speculating that it will go the same route as the new Blacklisted record—it will just show up one morning and be available for everyone.

The band has 2 new tracks, "Broken From Inside" and "Transmit" up for streaming on their Myspace page. Head over and have a listen. I assure you, this record is going to be phenomenal.

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shonxmurdock said...

that starkweather record sounds like its going to be nice.

i dont get it though...is that "broken from inside" track the same one they already had on the page?