Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm really digging these guys. Give 'em a listen if you're a fan of Snapcase/Burn/108. From TFR:
One of hardcore’s best kept secrets has quietly been stirring in central Pennsylvania. Throughout the first two years of their existence, Reignition ( has been fine tuning their lineup, crafting new material, and heading out on the occasional tour. Having caught the attention of Think Fast! Records, the result is their upcoming 7” single, “The Epitome Of Free Will”. Think Fast! co-owner Ryan O’Connor comments on the signing:

“I think what stood out the most about Reignition is the fact that they’re playing a style of hardcore that’s so far from popular. They clearly don’t care what anyone thinks and it’s hard not to respect that. Most of the guys are really young, they’re super motivated, and their new songs are really, really good. It’s not every day you come across thought-provoking bands and we’re really excited about developing Reigniton.”

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XxJoschxX said...

So sounding like soul control and i rise is far from popular? Either way this band fuckin rules. Thank you once again PA for creating good hardcore.