Friday, March 5, 2010


A bit sudden and a real bummer. They put on a good show last week in Ogden. Here's the statement from the band.

"Dear friends,

In the past week certain issues pertaining to a member of our band have come to light that we had previously been unaware of. Certain women within our community have come forward to share with us how they had been manipulated and deceived by this person. His actions have compromised the integrity of our band and our message, but more importantly, have deeply hurt members of our community. More specifically these actions had been perpetuating the sexism and misogyny which we as a band had always made a point to address and confront. Because our touring and traveling had facilitated the means by which he had been able to meet these people and carry out such actions, we have decided to no longer continue as a band as this would negate the purpose behind our music. This decision has been made out of respect and support for those directly affected by his selfish actions. We hope that this reflects our continued desire to strive towards equality within our community and preserves our message as a band.

This person has expressed deep remorse and regret, as well as a desire to correct his faults and change his behavior. He is still a beloved friend of ours, and we wholeheartedly intend to support him in his efforts.

We are forever in debt to all of our amazing friends who have continually loved and supported us. This band has been an invaluable experience that we will never forget. For all those who have ever listened to us, fed us, sang along, given us a place to sleep, hung out with us, bought and/or put out our records, you have made The Separation what it was. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Ben, Kyle, Joey and Andy"

Check out their music if you haven't heard it.


Sam said...

Huge bummer. Band was good and some of the nicest people.

taylor said...

so the dude slayed some gash when he was on tour and they are breaking up over it? just replace his ass.

REVIVER said...

Bummer. The Separation was a great band.