Sunday, March 7, 2010


My great friends J. Colby Smith and Mia Keller have launched a blog to answer a question commonly asked of us rabbit-foodies: What do you eat?

The Tumblelog features mouth-watering photos of purely-plant-based dishes, accompanied by recipes or restaurant referrals. And, Colby and Mia want to include foods from around the world so lend your photos/recipes/palettes to the cause! (I know you've got the goods, Salt Lake.)

Whether you’re a vegan warrior battling to find that latest vegan cheeze — go Daiya! — or a curious carnivore, What Vegans Eat will have you droolin’.


xbrooklynx said...

Im gonna go ahead and say it... Finding something to eat being vegan is easier than not being vegan. If you choose to debate this topic, I will engage with you.

Ty$on said...

is it because us carnivores are never satisfied, or is it because there's such a variety of food its overwhelming and you can't decide what to eat?

shonxmurdock said...

the latter

Sam said...

I'm into it.