Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Now that every cell phone's a video camera -- and every hardcore kid a "videographer" -- live footage abounds. You can click back to my epicly terrible iPhone footage for proof.

But once upon a time, we had to load VHS tapes directly into Wayne-And-Garth's-basement-studio-looking behemoths to do the same... The term "VHS" probably has many of you scratching your foreheads right now, so I'll move on.  

After last weekend's United Blood Fest in Richmond, live videos swarmed the web. We've compiled some of the finer footage for your viewing enjoyment. If you recorded your own, or you've come across some quality videos, let us know!

Alpha & Omega from BalboaTower on YouTube. Also Featured: Title Fight and Cold World.

Harm's Way from KO Films on Vimeo. Also Featured: Full sets from The Rival Mob, War Hungry, Blacklisted, Foundation and more. (P.S. Harm's Way is now playing the Rotting Out show in Ogden!)

Title Fight from Keara507 on YouTube. Also Featured: Cruel Hand, Free Spirit and Fire & Ice.


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