Thursday, April 1, 2010

TOP 5 SPOTS IN SALT LAKE CITY? and some guy named Alex say:

1) Temple Square
2) County Building
3) Big Cottonwood Canyon
4) Snowbird
5) Cathedral of the Madeleine

I'm gonna have to go with...

1) Sunday Brunch at Blue Plate Diner
2) Downtown Music's rocker parties
3) Del Taco after shows during the early 00s
4) That hidden b-ball court near Urban Lounge
5) Ken Sanders Rare Books (Miss this place quite a bit. Harder than you'd think to find Ed Abbey works in NYC.)

What are your Top 5? 

1 comment:

Casey said...

really? Really??? those are the best 5 places this tool could come up with.The City County Building???? Has anyone here ever been inside that place or wanted too? I feel like i just watched a video report from a guy with a degree from Horizonte or maybe Job Corps.