Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a rock star? Traveling the world in style and playing for screaming fans every night lapping it up in luxury and debauchery only Motley Crue could rival?

Well, The Current is a hardcore band so there will be none of that. There will however be long drives in a hot van with the reward of playing for kids that genuinely appreciate what you're doing every night.

They're looking for a fill-in drummer to accompany them on a northwest tour this summer (July 21 to August 1 with Abandon), so if you're interested in doing so, tell them.

Isaiah is the bass player and the man you'll need to talk to. Get in touch with him at: 801 897 3508

The Current is also heading into the studio next weekend, so for those of you that haven't had the pleasure of seeing/hearing them yet, the wait is almost over.


xbrooklynx said...

what the fuck does Kade need to stay home with his amazingly attractive wife... what a fucking show off..

Go on tour man, She can come over and we'll talk about shoes and the boys we like.

Im great company

clinton said...

how is said drummer suppposed to learn said songs if they aren't recorded?

mikeXreflect said...

they will be recorded next weekend by andy. but we also have low quality recordings of all the songs already and they can come to practice with us. boooom. no excuses hah

xGarrettx said...

ill play drums hahaha

zaynexpetty said...

haha wooooaaaaahhhhhhhhh