Thursday, February 5, 2015


When it comes to being a hard-working, productive, responsible, united hardcore band, City to City was truly a disgrace. But that was sorta the point.

The band was formed in 2007 out of every early 00s SLC hardcore band: Cherem, Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Skeiff d’ Bargg, Cool Your Jets, Tamerlane, even Gutshot. In fact, all members of City to City played in Cherem at some point but never all together.

Between 2007 and 2009, Brook Lund, Nathan Steele, Austin Kent, Clinton Sawick and Dan Fletcher recorded 2 EPs comprised of 7.5 songs and played 7 shows with maybe 7 total band practices.

Unlike their previous outfits, the guys set out to form a catchier, melodic hardcore band and cooked up a batch of songs that were equally influenced by 80s youth crew and 90s post hardcore. The influence of early 90s SLC acts like Bad Yodelers/Season of the Spring and Lumberjack was readily apparent to old people. Young people thought they sounded like Have Heart or something.

The band took their name from the classic DYS track, inspiring one B9-board commenter to write, “I wish these guys actually sounded like DYS.”

From 2007 to 2009, City to City’s demos progressed from heavy post-hardcore to a more melodic sound characterized by punk rock progressions and Dan’s shift to a cleaner singing style. These demos were collected on the very-limited-edition discography, Vision. You can stream and download Vision from the GCA Soundcloud:

City to City band practices were defined by the animosity between drummer Clinton Sawick and guitarist Austin Kent. Most practices consisted of the band talking about cover songs they’d never end up playing while Clinton flipped off the back of Austin’s head. No one ever learned the origins of this animosity but it was on full display in the “Making of Vision” in-the-studio documentary produced by GCA’s own Trevor Hale.

Unbeknownst to many, the band members coined a number of new terms in the English language including the noun, backstache.

The band also had its own signature Vitamin Water.

This happened:

City to City played Artopia, Baxter’s Cafe, Vortex and The Basement with touring acts including Set It Straight and Xibalba, and locals Tamerlane, Cherem, Cool Your Jets, Collapse, Dogwelder and One Clean Life back when people put pages on flyers.

In 2009, the band started growing up. Its members, once ranking among SLC’s most-eligible bachelors, in a MySpace poll, started getting wives, kids, dogs and real jobs. The band officially dissolved when Dan moved to the east coast. They regrouped for one show when Dan returned for the holidays at the end of 2009. This would be City to City's final show.

City to City will reform with other Salt Lake Hardcore acts in support of the Sonny Hancock Benefit show:

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Austin said...

Defined by animosity might be a bit of a stretch.. Id say they were defined by pizza.