Thursday, February 26, 2015


Collapse was born out of a desire to just keep doing… something.

In 2008, Clint Halladay, Nathan Steele and Trevor Hale (me again, sorry) were sitting at a coffee shop talking about their desire to play heavy music again. Nathan was keeping busy with City to City, but the fast, hardcore punk they were playing wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Clint wasn’t playing anything, and anything to do with Tamerlane was sporadic at best, so I didn’t have much going on either.

Nathan and Clint had written a couple songs already, and that's where it started. Pretty soon, the three of us decided that we’d take our love of Integrity and Crowbar, combine them with a little bit of Black Flag attitude and hopefully something special would come out of it. We enlisted Richard Foard for vocals, who was also itching to do something since the demise of Victims/Aftermath of a Trainwreck and bass wizard Josh Lambert.

The only rule we had for the band was “wherever Cherem would have gone into an end breakdown, that’s where we should end the song.” The songs were still heavy, but we wanted to make sure we found our own sound.

The band wrote nearly a dozen songs before Josh eventually left for an LDS mission. Before he did though, the band recorded nearly all the songs that were written, but only ever finished a few of them. The only song that was fully recorded, mixed and mastered was “Quicksand”, a track that appeared on the GCA Mixtape. A couple more are in the rough mix stage, and the rest are (probably) sitting on a hard drive in Andy Patterson’s studio, all in various stages of completion.

Collapse continued for about 8 months after Josh left, with Adam Olsen taking over on bass, but eventually it just became harder and harder for everyone to find free time and make schedules work. The band did embark on a tour of Ecuador and Peru, with Brook Aftermath and Casey from Dogwelder along as roadies, but no one remembered to bring instruments, so it was unsuccessful in that regard. However, it was very successful in regards to the rest of us having tons of fun.
Collapse never “officially” disbanded, but after April of 2010, the band never played another show.

There was a brief reunion that existed only in the warehouse of a boat cover manufacturing shop, with a plethora of DIY adjustments for equipment that had gone missing, but it never made it farther than that.

All that’s left of the legacy of Collapse is a two-show tour documentary that summed up the band’s existence perfectly.

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