Monday, February 9, 2015


While they were only around for blink-and-you-may-have-missed-it stretch during the early 2000’s, Opened Up accomplished quite a bit. Formed during the winter of 2000, Opened Up played their first show in June of 2001 and were no longer a band by November of that same year.

Opened Up began when Eric Bradford and Jake Miller, decided to start something with more of a Starkweather-influenced vibe than what they were playing with their other band, 78 Days After Death. They recruited Troy Trujillo for vocals, Brandon Anderson and the legendary Warlock for bass duties and Trevor Hale (full disclosure, me again) to round out the lineup.

The band had a more doom/slowed-down black metal influence, but still firmly attached to Salt Lake roots like Triphammer and Iceburn (though not nearly as talented as either). Trujillo’s lyrics were laced with darkness and drew a lot of influence from Lifeless—which made sense considering most of the band had been close friends with Alex Slack.

After recording with Bruce Kirby during the summer of 2001, a finished 5-song EP called “All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die” was self-released in two different versions that fall. The first release was a limited edition package that included a sticker, a dubbed two-song cassette and a lyric sheet. It was only available at the band’s sole out of state show, opening for Skycamefalling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All twenty copies of the demo pack were sold to the twenty people from Salt Lake that made the 4-hour drive to see the show. It’s possible that one of the 6 people from Wyoming at the show purchased one of them, but the odds on that are very, very low.

Opened Up’s live shows were always fraught with mistakes and the songs had a tendency to shift tempos right in the middle, but no one could say the performances weren’t fun.

They broke up shortly after the CD release show in late November of 2001.

Since then, both Jake Miller and Troy Trujillo have gone on to have successful careers in the tattoo industry and continue to reside in Salt Lake. Jake is now married and works out of Cathedral Tattoo, and Troy has two boys, Judge and Oliver, is happily married and works at King of Swords. Brandon works for Specialized, races bicycles competitively, and he and his wife are expecting their first child this spring.

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